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Last updated: June 6, 2022

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Producing Quality Geckos Is Important to Us, Why?

Ensuring that You Receive a Healthy Well-Started Animal

Each gecko that we sell is physically examined on a weekly basis to ensure that they are developing correctly so that we send you only the healthiest of our stock. We raise all of our geckos with a varied diet and keep them in a species-specific ideal environment, so they are prepared to adapt to a new life in your home.

Handing you the Resources for Success

With the purchase of your gecko you will receive all of the data that we have meticulously collected for you, such as: pedigree and lineage, incubation length, hatch weights, behavior, weight progress, and food preferences.

Promoting the Health and Vitality of Future Geckos

The geckos we select for breeding come from reputable lineages and are free of any defects. Lineage is so important to us because we want to avoid potential inbreeding so that genetic diversity can be maintained in these species for decades to come.

So How Does It Work?

Browse Through Our Selection of Beautiful Geckos

Look through the photos and read the descriptions for each gecko to decide which one(s) you would like to purchase. Lineage is available for all of the geckos found here, and this can give you an idea as to how your gecko will turn out as an adult. Feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Make Your Selection and Pay

Once you have read through the terms of service found here, simply send me a message telling me which geckos you would like to purchase using the contact form below and I will send you an invoice, or if you would prefer - shoot me a message at .

And We Will Deliver the Gecko to You!

At your convenience, the gecko(s) will be shipped overnight through FedEx to arrive at your address by 10:30 AM the next day or held at your local FedEx Hub for pickup.

Gecko Purchasing Form

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Contact Form

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Breeding and Research Ethics

All profits from gecko sales go back into the research, breeding, and conservation of New Caledonia geckos. For more information regarding research projects please visit our About page, and you can download a copy of our operating procedure IACUC Approved Operating Procedure (2022) [PDF] or visit 2022 IACUC-Approved Current Operating Procedure [Web View].