Previously Sold Geckos

Hello! This is page showcases some of the geckos that we have happily placed into new homes.

Many of the geckos have their own online profile, click on the image for additional information and photos.

Rhacodactylus auriculatus (Gargoyle Geckos)


DOB: May 25, 2021

Sex: Possible female

Information: NepBas1 was the 1st baby to hatch out of the Nephthys x Basille pairing. This is a really nice blotch with great coverage and an interesting reticulated base pattern. The blotches are currently orange but could go red.


DOB: May 29, 2021

Sex: Probable male

Information: (JoaGer10) was the 10th baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. High contrast red and white gargoyle gecko.


DOB: August 10, 2021

Sex: Male

Information: (JoaGer2/Styx) was the 2nd baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. Styx has a very interesting striped base pattern with many small wavy lines. He has a deep red dorsal stripe that runs down the center of his body, this stripe contrasts against white-colored stripes. He is friendly and has been growing rapidly!


DOB: May 04, 2021

Sex: Probable male

Information: (JoaGer9) was the 9th baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. This is one of the holdbacks that I am deciding to let go to make room for more babies. He has a dark base with two full sets of colored stripes with some lateral coloration as well! This will be a gorgeous adult gargoyle gecko. His mother is phantom-eyed.


DOB: March 11, 2021

Sex: Possible female

Information: (JoaGer6) was the 6th baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. JoaGer6 is a gorgeous striped gargoyle gecko with vivid colors and bold markings


DOB: September 18, 2020

Sex: Probable male

Information: Azazel (JOAGER4) was the fourth baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. He has two stick clean dorsal stripes that run down his back. At the moment they are bicolor stripes, the interior is a reddish-orange and the exterior is a yellowish-orange.


DOB: June 17, 2020

Sex: Probable male

Information: Syndesmosis (JOAGER1) was the first baby to hatch out of the Geralt/Joan pairing. It hatched out with beautifully colored stripes that keep getting better with time.


DOB: July 20, 2019

Sex: Probable male

Information: Landry is rusty-red based “bacon” stripe. He was produced by Kelly at Eclipse Exotics out of her red-based red-striped G4 group ("Vali" x "Rusty"), this lineage has the potential for the phantom eye trait.

Weight: 13.15 grams as of July 12, 2020

Eublepharis macularius (Leopard Geckos)

DOB: Fall of 2014

Sex: Female

Information: I don't have lineage information on this girl because I sold her back in 2016. Here is a video of her after she arrived at her new home.