Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


Keep in mind, the gecko prices listed above do not include the cost of shipping. At the moment all transactions are done through PayPal. I will send you a confirmation email and invoice after I have received the purchase form that is shown above. Kindly, please note that all sales are final.

Holds and Payment Plans

Geckos are available for purchase by anyone until I have received a deposit or the full payment for said gecko(s). Geckos can be placed on hold for up to 14 days with a 25% non-refundable deposit. The customer must pay the remaining 75% of the balance within 14 days or the hold will be forfeited. I am willing to work with customers on payment plans and longer holds, but this may require a larger deposit or incur fees related to the cost and time of maintaining the animals in my care.

Shipping & Handling

Geckos are shipped through FedEx Priority Overnight to arrive the next morning by 10:30 am. Geckos can be shipped to arrive Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning. All geckos are shipped in approved insulated boxes with a Cyropak Phase 22 gel packs, 72-hour heat packs, or cool packs as appropriate.

I reserve the right to hold geckos if the weather or other events do not allow for safe shipping. When the temperature is too high or low I will only ship to approved FedEx facilities near the customer’s location- where customers will have to pick up their geckos and present an acceptable form of ID that matches the information provided for the shipping label (see FedEx website for guidelines). Customers must be present at the time of delivery.

I recommend that customers chose to have the geckos shipped to an approved FedEx Hub for the safety of the animals. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

To the best of my knowledge, all geckos are in good health at the time of sale and shipping. I take extreme care to ensure the geckos will arrive healthy and alive, therefore I personally guarantee that the animals will arrive alive at a FedEx shipping hub. In the event that a gecko is dead on arrival (DOA) at my fault alone, I will offer a refund in the form of store credit or a replacement gecko, excluding the cost of shipping.

In order to qualify for my live arrival guarantee the following conditions apply:

  1. Temperatures on my end or yours must stay between 39 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The geckos must be shipped to an approved FedEx Hub rather than a residential address.
  3. The package must be delivered on time.
  4. You must pick up the animal within one hour of the time-stamped delivery.
  5. If the animal is DOA then I must be notified and receive photo proof within one hour of the delivery.

*Furthermore, I am not responsible for damage done by extreme or unexpected weather events (ie: hurricanes, tornados, blizzards).*

I cannot control what happens to the geckos once I hand off the package to FedEx. All shipments are managed by Ship Your Reptiles (SYR), they offer a Live Arrival Insurance that will refund you completely if the geckos arrive DOA as a result of late delivery. Therefore, I highly recommend my customers purchase the optional SYR insurance which is $5.00 for $200 of coverage and then $2.50 for every additional $100 of coverage. SYR has its own policy and terms for valid DOA claims which can be found here. Please make sure to read their policy if you chose to purchase insurance prior to ordering your geckos.

I am not responsible for any injuries or illnesses that occur to your gecko once it has been picked up from the FedEx Hub or delivered to your home.

Sex and Color Disclaimers

I will make my best attempt when sexing geckos, but sex is not guaranteed for geckos under 30 grams due to the nature of these animals. I use a magnification loupe to check for the presence of pores to determine sex. Below is the system I use for determining the sex of gargoyle geckos.

  • Unsexed: Too small to accurately sex.
  • Possible/probable* female: Not currently showing pores but may display less than 5 rows of dimples/pseudopores.
  • Possible/probable* male: Showing what looks like pores or 5 or more rows of dimples/pseudopores.
  • Female: Sexually mature with less than 5 rows of pseudopores but no clear pores.
  • Male: Sexually mature with 5 or more rows of clear pores.

Finally, New Caledonia geckos are quite unique in that their colors can vary widely due to temperature, stress, lighting, age. None of my images are edited or altered in any way, however, the appearance of the animal might be different due to the device you view the images on, whether the gecko was fired up/down at the time of the photo, age-related color changes since the photo was taken, lighting and/or background, and any number of reasons. This being said, I have multiple photos of each animal to give you an idea of what you should expect the gecko to look like.