Meet Phenylalanine

Species/locality: Mniarogekko chahoua “Île does Pins”

Sex: Male

Hatch Date: July 17, 2019 (Egg laid on 03/07/2019)

About: Coming Soon

Lineage: Phenylalanine (previously #CH18) was produced by L.A.C Herps out of a "Marty" x "Rosa" pairing.

Breeding History: Phenylalanine is too young to breed at the moment, but he will be paired up with Oxazole in the future.

Lineage: Phenylalanine's mother "Rosa" is shown below, she is a Pine Island locality produced by Allen Repashy and Phillipe de Vosjoli.

Phenylalanine's father "Marty" is shown below, he is a Pine Island locality produced by Dave Lalone from the Bob Black - Steve C. High Color Sherbet Line.

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