Histamine (LW69)

Meet Histamine (LW69)

Name/ID: Histamine (LW69)

Species/locality: Correlophus ciliatus

Sex: Possible female

Hatch Date: February 7, 2020

About: Histamine is a lily-white crested gecko produced by Richie at The Gecko King inc., she has the potential to develop a red base color.

Lineage: Produced out of a pairing between S'mores (Loki x Lilly Exotics) x Firaga (Rockstar red base geckos).

The sire S'mores is a lily-white produced from Loki x Lilly Exotics.

S'mores (Photo from Richie @ The Gecko King)


The dam Firaga was produced by Rockstar Geckos from a red base group.

Firaga - photo from Rockstar Geckos


Breeding History: n/a