Meet EmeIzz1

Name/ID:  EmeIzz3

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: F4 Generation Captive

Lay Date: April 30, 2021

Hatch Date: July 1, 2021

Sex: Unsexed

Origin: Produced here out of my Emerson x Izzy pairing.

About: More information coming soon.

Lineage: Izzy (Emoji [David Mouflon F2 Generation Wild Caught] x Monarch (Cosmos x Brandy)) x Emerson (Kismet (Vaako x Kira) x Lava (Redrum x Dexter))

The sire Izzy is an F3 wild-caught generation gargoyle gecko [his great-grandparents were wild-caught geckos], he has a banded reticulated pattern with orange blotching over a light yellow base, sometimes he shows a darker brownish-gray base. He was produced by Sam Wusstig at Casa de Geckos out of a striped x "alterna-banded" F2 generation reticulated gargoyle gecko pairing.

Izzy's mother “Monarch” has a light base with red and orange banding, she was produced by Cosmic Exotics. The maternal grandfather “Cosmos” has a brown base with reddish-orange striping. The maternal grandmother “Brandy” has a light base with red striping, she was produced by Taylor Reptiles in May of 2015.

Izzy's father “Emoji” is an F2 generation black and white banded, he was produced by David Mouflon of France and imported to the United States by Frank Fast. The paternal grandparents were both wild-caught in New Caledonia and imported to France.

The dam Emerson is a female funky-striped gargoyle gecko, she has gone through many color changes so I am not sure what her final look will be, originally she had a red stripe but it has since faded and been replaced with a white stripe. Usually, her base appears as a pastel pink-purple color, but other times it can look grayish, reddish, or brownish. Emerson comes from Kelly/Eclipse Exotics G1 group which contains an oddball of mosaics, blotches, red stripes, and phantom-eyed geckos.

Emerson’s mother “Lava” was produced in 2009 by Kelly, she is a mosaic-striped gecko with a pastel rusty-red base and blue eyes. The maternal grandmother “dexter” has a red/pink-based reticulated base with red blotching. The maternal grandfather “redrum” is a red-base striped gecko.

Emerson’s father “Kismet (K12)” is a rusty red-based gecko with red and orange stripes, produced by Gray Sky Exotics out of a “Vaako” x “Kira” pairing and hatched on August 24, 2013. The paternal grandmother “Kira”, previously named “Screamer” is a dark-based red striped gecko with phantom eyes. She is owned by Gray Sky Exotics but produced by Lunar Gecko. The paternal grandfather “Vaako” is a light red-based red striped gecko owned by Gray Sky Exotics but produced by Royal Reptilia.