Inositol (NEPAUG1)

Meet Inositol (NEPAUG1)

Name/ID: Inositol (Nepaug1)

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: F3 Wild-Caught Generation of Unknown Locality

Lay Date: 07/23/2020

Hatch Date: 09/10/2020

Sex: Probable female

Origin: Inositol (Nepaug1) is the first baby to hatch out of my 2020 Nephthys x Augustus pairing!

About: Inositol is a beautiful banded reticulated gargoyle gecko. Her bands are unusual in that they are very bold and create a “batman shape” and that she has a stripe that connects from her shoulders to head. She has a very dark base and orange-red blotching.

Lineage: Augustus (RA11-161 (G7 Sire x RA12-001a [1994 Wild Caught]) x RA12-224) x Nephthys (RA14-139 x RA9-27 (RA7-03 x RA7-06))

Inositol (NEPAUG1)'s mother "Nephthys (RA18-50 G30)" is a melanistic reticulated red super blotch, produced by RhacHouse/Paul Morlock as part of his G30 super blotch group, this lineage also has the potential for blue and phantom eyes. The maternal grandfather "RA14-139" has a creamy yellow base with heavy red and orange blotches. Paul from RhacHouse produced him from his G22 blotched group, the paternal grandfather (sire of the G22 group) was purchased from Renea King in 2012. There are no photos of his parents, but they were both blotched. The maternal grandfather “RA9-27” has a yellow and black base with vibrant reddish-orange super blotching, she was produced by RhacHouse in 2009. The maternal grandfather “RA7-03” is a banded red blotch, and her maternal grandmother “RA7-06” is a dark banded red blotch.

Inositol (NEPAUG1)'s father "Augustus (RA18-219 G7)" is a male F2 generation orange-based aberrant banded reticulated with orange blotching, produced by RhacHouse/Paul Morlock as part of his G7 red-based group, this lineage has a lot of unique traits including phantom eyes. The paternal grandmother “#RA12-224” has a washed-out pink base with intense red blotching on either side of her patternless dorsal area, she was purchased from DragonTown Reptiles in 2012. There are no photos of her parents but they were both blotches. The paternal grandfather “#RA11-161” is an F1 generation born in 2010, he has a vibrant pink base with strong red and orange hues and reddish-brown on his sides but almost no pattern along his dorsal area. No photos of the paternal grandfather but he was a red-based reticulated gecko and the sire to group 7 for a while, he was produced by Steve at Leaping Leachies. The paternal grandmother is a wild-caught female “ID #RA12-001a” Paul from RhacHouse purchased her from Steve from Leaping Leachies who bought her from Frank Fast. She was collected as an adult in a 1994 expedition.