Meet Landry

Species/locality: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Sex: Probable Male

Hatch Date: July 20, 2019

About: Landry is a bacon stripe with a dark rusty-red base. Landry is showing 5+ rows of pores at the moment which leads me to believe he is male, but he is still quite small so this is not 100%. He hatched on July 20, 2019. Landry was produced by Kelly at Eclipse Exotics. Landry comes from a red-based red-striped lineage (G4 group). This lineage also contains a blotch and several phantom eyes.

Lineage: Landy’s mother (Vali) was produced by Sarah from Lunar Geckos. She is a red-based and red-striped gecko – her mother “firefly” was a pinkish-red based reticulated gecko with red blotches – her father “broadway” is a red-based and red-striped gecko produced by RhacHouse.

Landry’s father “Rusty” is a dark rusty red-based and red-striped gecko with possible phantom eyes produced by Sharon Woody. Rusty’s mother “Ruby” is a rusty-red based and red striped gecko and his father “Big Red” is a very unique gecko with black phantom eyes, a dark head, and a very dark velvet red base and black reticulation.

Breeding History: N/A