Leviathan (Joager7)

Meet Leviathan

Name/ID: Leviathan (Joager7)

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: Unknown

Lay Date: 11/23/2020

Hatch Date: 03/17/2021

Sex: Possible female (no pores visible, but there is some light dimpling present)

Origin: Leviathan (Joager7) was the seventh to hatch out of my 2020 Joan x Geralt pairing.

About: This gargoyle gecko has broken red and white dorsal stripes with a funky rust-colored base. If she inherited her mother's "phantom-eye" genes then she might develop phantom eyes around her second or third birthday.

Lineage: Geralt (Carotene (Amun x Hathor) x Nephthys) x Joan

Levithan's mother "Joan (JR0323)" is a female gargoyle gecko with a light base and bicolor stripes (thick red and creamy-saffron) from Mikee Soltis at Dragontown Reptiles. She has been developing the phantom-eyed trait, her eyes used to be light blue and now they are covered in black.

Levithan's father "Geralt (Gcanep15002)" is a male gargoyle gecko with a yellow base and broad red stripes, who sometimes fires up with a reddish background. He was produced by Gargoyle Gecko Queen in 2015 then sold to Godzilla Geckos in 2017, before finally coming to us in January of 2020. The paternal grandmother “Nephthys” is a pinkish-red striped gecko with a pink base when fired up and a white base while fired down. She has very soft and small scales. She was produced by GiantGeckos in 2011. The paternal grandfather “Carotene” aka “Gamha13001” hatched May 24, 2013 and has very saturated red dorsal stripes and some red blotching down either side of his body and legs. Displays a yellowish-brown base while fired up and a white clean base while fired down. The paternal great grandfather “Amun” is a red striped gecko with a yellowish-brown base. The stripe is somewhat irregular and there is red blotching along his side. Gargoyle Queen purchased him from Repashy in 2010 but it is estimated he hatched in 2005. The paternal great grandmother “Hathor” has intense orange-red blotching and a reticulated red base. She was produced by Leapin Leachies in 2009.