Meet Lich

Name/ID: Lich (RA20-52 G33)

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: Unknown

Lay Date: Unknown

Hatch Date: April 2, 2020

Sex: Male

Origin: Produced by RhacHouse out of group 33.

About: More information coming soon

Lineage: RA16-78 (RA12-17 x RA12-71) x RA16-50 (G31 sire x G31 females)

the sire "RA16-78" (top) and the dam "RA16-50" (bottom)

The sire “RA16-78” was produced from the G6 group "Dayone (RA12-17)" and "RA12-71". He is reticulated with a light-yellow base and has dark red blotching that goes down his dorsal area and spreads outwards in bands.His father "Dayone/RA12-17" is a red reticulated gargoyle gecko from Paul's red baselines. His mother is "RA12-71" is a red striped gargoyle gecko with a red base, she has some superblotch lineage behind her.

RA12-71 (top) and RA12-17 (bottom)
- parents to RA16-78
RA12-71 (dam to RA16-78)
12-17/Dayone (sire to RA16-78)

The dam "RA16-50" was produced in group 31 out of a pairing between the G31 2015 sire and a G31 female.

G31 sire (father to RA16-50)
G31 sire (father to RA16-50)
G31 dam (top) and G31 sire (bottom)

Breeding History: N/a