Muscimol (Ghapi19006)

Meet Muscimol (Ghapi19006)

Name/ID: Muscimol (Ghapi19006)

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: Unknown

Lay Date: 08/08/2019

Hatch Date: 10/30/2019

Sex: Female

Origin: She was produced by Gargoyle Queen in October of 2019, “This baby (Altiame/#Ghapi19006) came from the pairing that produced my top 2019 striped production and all siblings have had good color”. She arrived here in my custody on April 2, 2020.

About: "Muscimol (Ghapi19006)" is a red-based red stripe.

Lineage: Hapi (Albus (Malcom x Phoenix) x Kestrel (Vaako x Kira)) x Picloram (Cyanide (Horus x Kauket) x Cobalt (Amun x Amenti)

Muscimol's mother "Picloram (Gcyco16001)" is a striped gargoyle gecko with red dorsal stripes and a red base. “Picloram” was produced by Gargoyle Queen Reptiles on September 25 of 2016 out of a “Cyanide” x “Cobalt” pairing. Picoloram's father "Cyanide (Ghoka14003)" was produced by Gargoyle Queen Reptiles in a Kauket x Horus Gargoyle Queen Reptile pairing and hatched on July 7, 2014. Horus was produced by Repashy in 2011. Kauket was produced in 2011 by Lunar Gecko from a Rowan x Broadway pairing. Broadway was produced by Lunar Geckos from a Brooklyn x Tamara pairing. Picloram's mother "Cobalt (Gamam11005)" was produced by Gargoyle Queen Reptiles in an Amun x Amenti pairing in 2011. Amun was produced by Allen Repashy sometime before 2005 and Amenti was produced by PdV @ GiantGeckos in 2007-2008. (Amenti (PdVGG) has two red dorsal stripes and a rusty red base color).

Muscimol's father "Hapi" hatched June 20, 2016. He was produced by Gracious Geckos out of Albus and Kestrel. Albus was also produced by Gracious Geckos from a pairing between Phoenix and Malcom. Kestrel was produced by Gray Sky Exotics out of a Kira x Vaako Pairing. Kira was produced by Lunar Geckos and Vaako from Royal Reptilia.