Meet NepBas3

Name/ID: NepBas3

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: n/a

Lay Date: April 26, 2021

Hatch Date: June 28, 2021

Sex: Unsexed/possible female

Origin: Produced here out of my Nephthys x Basille pairing.

About: coming soon

Lineage: Basille (Reggie (Apollo x Sandy) x Poppy) x Nephthys (RA14-139 x RA9-27 (RA7-03 x RA7-06))

The mother to the NepBas babies is "Nephthys (RA18-50 G30)", she is a melanistic reticulated red super blotch, produced by RhacHouse/Paul Morlock as part of his G30 super blotch group, this lineage also has the potential for blue and phantom eyes. The maternal grandfather "RA14-139" has a creamy yellow base with heavy red and orange blotches. Paul from RhacHouse produced him from his G22 blotched group, the paternal grandfather (sire of the G22 group) was purchased from Renea King in 2012. There are no photos of his parents, but they were both blotched. The maternal grandfather “RA9-27” has a yellow and black base with vibrant reddish-orange super blotching, she was produced by RhacHouse in 2009. The maternal grandfather “RA7-03” is a banded red blotch, and her maternal grandmother “RA7-06” is a dark banded red blotch.

The sire to the NepBas babies is Basille, he is a male reticulated gargoyle gecko with a pinkish-orange base and reddish-orange blotching. He was produced by Sam Wusstig at Casa de Geckos out of colorful blotched parents and has the potential for the phantom-eyed trait.

Basille's mother “Poppy” has a light red/pink base with red blotching arranged in a banded pattern, she was produced by Peace of Gecko.

Basille's father “Reggie”, produced by Sam out of an Apollo x Sandy pairing, has a yellow and black base with red blotching arranged in a banded pattern. Reggie’s father “Apollo” has a creamy yellow and black light reticulated base with some light reddish/orange blotching, he was produced by a local breeder in Los Angeles. Reggie’s mother “Sandy” is a phantom-eyed yellow base reticulated gecko, she was produced by a local breeder in Los Angeles.