Octave (ZIR3)

Meet Octave (ZIR3)

Name/ID: Octave (ZIR)

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: Unknown

Lay Date: Unknown

Hatch Date: 07/02/2020

Sex: Female

Origin: She was produced by Casa de Geckos (Sam Wusstig) from a Zinnia x Indominus Rex pairing with the identification number #ZIR3, and hatched on July 2, 2019. She arrived in my custody on January 14, 2020.

About: Information about gecko goes here. "Octave (ZIR3)" is a red-based lightly banded reticulated gargoyle gecko with red botching, when fired down she has a light pink base. Her lineage has red blotching, red and pink bases, and banded patterns.

Lineage: Indominus Rex x Zinnia

Her mother “Zinnia” has a light-red/pink base and red blotches. She was produced by Peace of Gecko.

Her father “Indominus Rex” has an orange-reddish base with red blotching arranged in a banded pattern, he was produced by a local breeder in Los Angeles.

Breeding History: Octave was paired up with Geralt for the first time in the winter of 2021.