Meet Xenon

Name/ID: Xenon

Species: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Locality: Unknown

Lay Date: Unknown

Hatch Date: 06/28/2020

Sex: Probable male

Origin: She/he hatched on June 28, 2020, and was produced by Autumn Berguson / Bergies Geckoyles. S(he) arrived here with me on July 30, 2020.

About: Xenon is an unsexed blotch with an aberrant banded base.

Lineage: Charizard (Vaako x Skrtel (Ivan x Cassandra)) x Snapple

Xenon's mother "Snapple" is a yellow-based aberrant banded gecko with orange blotching. She was produced by Geckogen out of two yellow-base striped geckos, Snapple was previously owned by Bryan Kawata at Koalas Geckos.

Xenon's father "Charizard" is an orange-based banded gecko with red blotching. He was produced by Gray Sky Exotics out of a "Vaako" x "Skrtel" pairing. Charizard's father "Vaako" is a red-striped gecko with a dirty red base. Charizard's mother "Skrtel (Julie – SB)" is a striped gecko with a peachy-orange base, she was produced by Gray Sky Exotics out of "Ivan" x "Cassandra" and hatched on December 3, 2010. Skrtel's father "Ivan" is a melanistic striped gecko with a rusty-red base and when he fires down he appears a grayish-pink. Skrtel's mother "Cassandra" is a yellowish-brown based banded gecko with four very small orange blotches. “Cassandra” was produced by Jamie/James Cartee of CantilXCotton (on Pangea forums), sold to Gray Sky Exotics, and then sold to Darren at Pennhillszoo.