Meet Wyrm

Species/locality: Rhacodactylus leachianus "F3 Generation 100% Isle de Pine"

Sex: Male

Hatch Date: June 16, 2021

About: Wyrmis a 100% Pine Island locality R. leachianus, produced by Rob Haneisen in 2021 out of a "Heliotrope" x "Harris" pairing.

Lineage: Wyrm's mother "Heliotrope" is a pure Pine Island locality R. leachianus produced by Rob H. out of Helga and Hugo, a PDV line Pine Island pair. Helga is a 288-gram female that was acquired from Philipe (PDV) in 2013. Hugo is a 285-gram male that hatched in 2009.

Wyrm's father "Harris" is a 100% Pine Island F2 Generation locality R. leachianus produced by Leapin' Leachies. He is massive (300 grams) and colorful.

Breeding History: n/a

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