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ID: JoaGer13
HD: June 24, 2021
Weight: 6.13 grams as of September 25, 2021
Sex: Possible male
About: This gorgeous baby has saturated red and orange stripes, and a broken lateral stripes. I suspect that the stripes will only become redder with age. This animal has a yellow base and fires down almost white. Its mother is phantom-eyed.

Lineage: Produced here out of two striped parents (Joan x Geralt).

Dam – Joan(JR0323): Joan is a phantom-eyed female gargoyle gecko with a light base and bicolor stripes (thick red and creamy-saffron) from Mikee Soltis at Dragontown Reptiles.
Sire – Geralt (Gcanep15002): Geralt is a male gargoyle gecko with a light yellow base and broad red stripes, he was produced by Gargoyle Queen Reptiles out of a pairing between “Carotene” and “Nephthys”.

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