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ID: NepAug2
HD: April 29, 2021
Weight: 5.98 grams as of September 25, 2021
Sex: Possible female
About: This lovely little blotch is an F3 generation gargoyle gecko (it’s great grandmother was wild-caught from Yate in 1994). Right now the blotches are orange but I suspect they will turn red with age.

Lineage: Produced here out of Nephthys x Augustus

Dam- Nephthys (RA18-50) is a female melanistic reticulated red super blotch gargoyle gecko, produced by RhacHouse/Paul Morlock as part of his G30 super blotch group, this lineage also has the potential for blue and phantom eyes.

Sire- Augustus (RA18-219) is a F2 wild-caught generation gargoyle gecko [his grandmother was wild-caught in 1994]. He is a reddish-orange aberrant banded reticulated with orange blotching. His lineage has a lot of variation – blotches, banded, reticulated, pinks, yellows, oranges, and phantom eye.

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