Striped male gargoyle gecko (OctGer3)

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ID: OctGer3
HD: July 15, 2021
Weight: 5.78 grams as of September 25, 2021
Sex: Possible male
About: This is a very saturated bacon six striped gargoyle gecko, the colors practically glow in person. It fires down with a very light base but has the potential to go red. I wanted to hold onto this one but decided to keep its sibling instead.
Lineage: Produced here out of Octave x Geralt.

Dam- “Octave” (ZIR3) is a red-based lightly banded reticulated with red botching, when fired down she has a light pink base. She was produced by Sam Wusstig at Casa de Geckos out of two beautifully blotched parents with orange and pink bases.
Sire – Geralt (Gcanep15002) is a male gargoyle gecko with a light yellow base and broad red stripes, he was produced by Gargoyle Queen Reptiles out of a pairing between “Carotene” and “Nephthys”.

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