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Herpetological Information

Access general information about reptile husbandry and enrichment, or research-based species care guides.

Captive-bred Geckos

Browse our selection of available geckos, while learning about what sets us apart from other breeders.

Research and Experiments

Explore the research I have been doing during my journey towards a career in herpetology.


Herpetological Husbandry and Information

Reptile husbandry is the single-most important aspect of keeping thriving reptiles in captivity. Our reptile care guides are based on natural history, climate data, academic research, and quantitative data rather than anecdote. Explore this section to learn more about cutting-edge husbandry methods.

New Caledonia Gecko Breeding Project

We keep and breed several New Caledonian gecko species belonging to several genera including: Bavayia, Correlophus, Rhacodactylus, and Mniarogekko. Click here to discover everything that has gone into this project and to meet some of these fascinating animals.

Geckos for Sale

We specialize in producing the very colorful and mysterious Rhacodactylus auriculatus, also known as the gargoyle gecko, knob-headed giant gecko, or New Caledonian bumpy gecko. Browse through our selection and consider welcoming one of these little lizards into your home.

Academic Research

Access several of the research reports and lab experiments that I have been working on for my university classes.